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From the desk of: Lolita Sheriow "aka" Lo
Date: Friday, July 2009
Re: The Truth About Doing Real Estate Deals With No Cash, No Credit And No I'm Not Kidding.

Dear Investor in the Making,

I talk with people all the time upset and discouraged because they tried real estate investing and didn't make any money or spent alot of money on worthless and out dated material and have never done a deal. They're sick and tired of being sold things that DO NOT deliver. You know what I'm talking about......

"You can make Skillions (not millions but skillions) of dollars in 30 days flipping properties" Yea RIGHT!!

"Sign up for my course and I will give you 30 days unlimited calls, emails, massages, walks in the park and you can even stay in my house" I exaggerated a bit but you know what I mean. Give me a break!

"Send me $995 and you can make MILLIONS with me and know ALL my secrets" SURE I believe that, NOT!

"Don't Believe the Hype"

I truly believe the intentions of these folks are good but  they may have pressure to get another sale or just lie to people because they know that a large percentage will never even read or use the material anyway.

Well, it makes my blood boil (not literally) but if  they are not going to create quality products that people can ACTUALLY USE  then they need to "go sit there butts down somewhere" (that's what my grand mother use to say).

"OK, Here Is the Pretty Truth"

Anyone (that has a functioning brain) can do real estate deals and make money.  Given the right resources, information and instructions on how to use the information effectively I believe anyone can make money doing this.  You know the old saying "If I can do it, YOU can do it" (believe me I'm not a rocket scientist.)

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Here are a few things you will learn from this course:

  • The 12 -Step Checklist That I Use  Every  Time To Determine If A Deal  IS Really A Deal...This Allows Me  To Figure That Out In Record  Speed
  • It Will Show You How To Get More Done In A Week Than  Most Get Done All Year! (This Tip, Alone, Will Save You a LOT  Of Headaches)
  • It Will Reveal to You The One Resource That, Once  You Are Aware Of It, It Will Allow You To Triple Your Business While Reducing The Amount Of Time You Spend  Working (This One Here Is The "Mother Load"!)
  • BONUS #1: Plus Much, Much More!!!!
  • BONUS #2:  Did I mention this is FREE?

    Total Value = $397.00   OK, just in case you forgot its FREE ;  )

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  "I didn't start with any cash or credit and I just closed my 1st  
   deal and made $7000! I know if I can do this anyone can do
   this. It can be done part-time or full time. If I were you I would
   pick up this FREE Real Estate Course Lo is offering TODAY,
   its a great resource! God Bless and Good Luck!

Chris Shell, Real Estate Investor

   "This course has totally changed my perception of real estate
   investing, opene my eyes to doing deals without credit or cash
   and I'm actually making money!! It has changed my life and I
   totally encourage newbies even seasoned investors to try this
   course out. You will not be disappointed"

Tony Sicilian, CEO BSLR Group

   "It never ceases to amaze me, there’s just so many ways to  
   make money in real estate. After reading this book we’ve  
   opened our eyes to a whole new segment of sellers and buyers.      People who are buying up Sub2 deals in this market are going    to be rolling in dough when they start cashing them out. This      book provides you with a great overview and pretty much all        you need to get started. It’s a must read for anyone who wants      to get into the real estate investment game and has limited            capital to no capital to work with"


Ed Andrews, Director of Operations
Bakari House


To Your Success,

 Lolita Sheriow "aka" Lo

P.S. The choice is yours...You can do nothing and regret it later. Or you can submit your information and get started on your real estate investing career today.

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